Today in Syracuse the humidity is HIGH. I’m not sure what the barometric pressure is, but those are two aspects of the weather that seem to affect me for the worse. That’s only one of my many hypotheses regarding MS.
I also wonder about the relationship of these factors to the start of my MS:
having mononucleosis three times, allergies, allergy shots, vaccines that I got in boot camp, my mother’s narcolepsy, and something brought to my attention last week– being raised in Solvay when ‘the Process’ was running full tilt.
I wonder if any of you who might read this have had any health problems as precursors to your MS?
This site is still new to me, and I see that I can insert a poll, so I’ll post this now and try to write one with questions I need to ask.
Thanks for reading!


One thought on “Hypotheses

  1. Hello Donna,
    Yes it worked you did good. Yes the heat is not my friend either. Love and Kisses. Oh by the way 317 days until the next womens retreat!!!!!!!

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