Internet Access Problems…

Internet Access Problems…

have been an obstacle to making entries here. Tomorrow the fixit person comes to see what the problem is. I’m posting this from the wonderful Valley gathering place: the Broadway Cafe. You might be more familiar with the landmark “ARCTIC ISLAND”– that’s the cafe’s front side across from Meachem Field. [If you stop by, a great ice cream to try is mocha almond. In the cafe, I usually get the Waldorf Wrap—chicken ‘salad’ with grapes, apples and walnuts. Not heavy on the mayo…But they’re always coming up with something new…]

I got word last night that my daughter heads back to the states from Malawi on August 13. It takes two days travel to get back, and the last time she made the trip, she got so sick after the 18-hour leg of the trip that she was hospitalized in Orlando. It wasn’t malaria as originally thought, but a strep infection. I’m so sorry, did I just violate HIPPA? Good. I’m telling you all this as a preface to the real deal: while she and all the other passengers were ONBOARD the plane last summer, the airplane crew released mists of two different sprays!! My son and daughter-in-law, also on the flight, said that it blanketed them in a fog. So the plane took off with not a live little insect or vermin hitchhiking along, but what was the effect of the chemicals on those people?? I’m vexed by things like this: exposure to substances that can’t be good to our health, disregard for future effects of a chemical, impact of ‘stuff’ on our immune systems, taking for granted that what the ‘agencies’ tell us is the truth, and a lot more that I won’t list…yet.
I’m starting to feel more ‘protective’ of my own immune system as the years go on.
It’s lunchtime at the cafe now and I don’t want to take up a table any longer. Plus I’ve got things to do around the house before the heat flattens me for the day. Be back soon.


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