The Disappearing Summer

Do you know who Hoops and Yoyo are? They’re the little green bunny and pink cat that sing and talk on Hallmark cards. Very funny. There is a little skit they do about AUGUST….how it’s the most horrible month of the year because it signifies an end to all the plans we had at the beginning of the summer and didn’t fulfill! How we look forward to it all through the harsh winter, and then, poof! Gone.  To hear that put forth, even by these little characters, was akin to getting that “pit” feeling in my stomach when I get bad news. I almost had to slap my own face to  SNAP OUT OF IT!  There are still plenty of days left before the Great NY State Fair signals the ‘real’ end of the summer…for some, anyway.  I always try to extend it as far as possible before I give in to socks and jeans and sweatshirts. And jackets. Ugh.

Today is another perfect day to be outside. Sunny (get your Vitamin D) and mild with a slight breeze. Aaaaaahh. Time to take hold of each day and eek out as much outdoor time as possible.  Off  I go.


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