Exercise for Mind and Body

All kinds of research show that it is important for us to exercise the body and the brain.  There are always ads in magazines and on TV that tell us to find an activity we like to do and then do it.  I really hate them. Sounds so simple, unless you are part of a  large portion of the population that is limited —by physical disability and time constraints, energy deficits, financial problems, lack of motivation…etc.  Not everyone can be a spinning, kickboxing, gym rat!

But, despite MS’ers obstacles (and we all have them, obvious or not), it’s important that we  DO SOMETHING!   Whatever isn’t locked down has got to move!  “Use it or lose it” should be our body and mind’s slogan.  I will be posting more on this with some links to extra info. But I am verrrrrry tired and my mind is getting that frozen,deer-in-the-headlights feeling.

Also, I’ve been busy looking for some suggestions to give you for improving your cognitive skills. Doesn’t that sound heavy??  All it really means is that I want to find games for you to play!  Trying out some free online games has been fun for me!  As many of you might know, I can be pretty competitive and I am determined to keep the brain power I have left….and hopefully improve what I have!  It’s one of those ways I WON’T GIVE UP.

Please let me know what kind of exercise ideas, DVDs (almost said video) or programs you use to Move it!  I’ll write again to tell you about a Qi Gong DVD I tried out today, and about my run-in with the weighted hula hoop two wks ago.


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