I’m back…like a bad rash

I haven’t posted in soooo long! I’ve been busy with this and that and will catch up on that tomorrow. For now, I want to post this draft that I’ve had waiting for two weeks. It’s not as hot as the day I wrote it (90’s), but perhaps we’ll get a replay of that temperature range before the leaves change.  Here’s the 2 week old draft:

Summer has finally arrived with a vengeance! When these kind of heavy 90 degree days come, I get an upsurge of symptoms. It’s like my MS is having a hot flash all its own— my legs start buzzing, and then my arms start with that needles-and-pins-thing, my left leg doesn’t work right, etc. Saturday I fell while going up the front stairs to get the mail. My prize for that dance move was a set of bruises on my elbow, knee, leg and opposite shoulder. But I didn’t knock out any teeth and no one seems to have seen me in my moment of extreme gracelessness. [Question:Does anyone else ever laugh after they fall? I don’t know why I do that but it seems a little creepy.]

Back to the heat topic: in this morning’s paper (Syracuse Post-Standard Aug 18) I read that there is are two programs/grants that will give you something to help you beat the heat:
one—a free AC unit if you bring a doctor’s note saying you need it for health reasons,
two–a free box or window fan if you’re over 60.
There might be some other criteria for the fan, but I don’t remember, because I was interrupted while reading by a nurse who was anxious to get me ready for that wonderful test, the colonoscopy. And because I am such a lucky girl, I won the Gastrointestinal Daily Double, and also had an endoscopy! [No, they did NOT use the same scope for both exams…] If you ever have to have these procedures done, note that the conscious sedation didn’t work very well because I remember gagging and having the feeling that someone was choking me with a big black box.

See how easily I get off track? The heat, that’s the topic. Here are a few things that work for me when I HAVE to be out for a while: [I keep a small cooler in the car sometimes]
—iced bottles of water. Forget what the greenies say and get the real screw top bottles. They won’t leak in your bag and are refillable [at least a time or two].
—an ice pack–the long flexible kind like this: http://www.promedproducts.com/itemdetail.asp?src=NEXTAG&item=232 0010

It’s great wrapped in a thin kitchen towel (cotton) and worn around the neck. Do I care if people wonder,  “what is that driver of that car wearing around her neck?” No, no, I don’t. Or sometimes I use the pack vertically along my spine when I’m sitting in the car. Or at  home if I need to. This particular pack has gotten me through menopausal flashes, relieved achy knees, and iced down problem injection sites.

What kind of things have you used other than AC and fans to help during hot days?  I started the list—please add your ideas!

1. Icy water

2. Flexible ice packs

3. Frozen drinks!

4.  ????


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