Apply for this Grant NOW!

This is from my ‘better-late-than-never’ file:

MS Foundation is giving out grants of up to $1000 in goods or services that will help you have a brighter tomorrow. That’s the name of the grant–  The Brighter Tomorrow Grant.  You need to fill out the application and write what you want/need in less than 1oo words.  Just tell what you want and why it will affect you positively—that’s basically it.  Two years ago I applied and received  my laptop computer and a printer!  What a blessing that’s been!

Check it out at  Good luck!!

The same organization is offering a grant for computers [refurbished desktops] too. But the deadline is quickly approaching—it’s Oct 1st. Or as I like to tell myself, September 29th. That leaves me some room for actually completing a task by its deadline.


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