Brain-Building Games

I’ve gotten caught up in playing games—you know, researching for this blog…I never thought I would enjoy it so much!  It’s turning into a sort of addiction.  I thought that by playing various games I would build up more connections in my brain as a preventative for that possibility of new MS plaque attacks. And though I probably have been doing that, I find I’ve become rather isolated and antisocial while practicing, and worse, I’ve been feeling okay about that!   Of course, I’ve been neglecting many other things I should be keeping up with, so consider this fair warning to balance your brain building with real honest-to-goodness activities and PEOPLE.

That warning given, I’m posting the link for a site with tons of games that are not nonsensical:  My favorite is “Time Arrows” where you have to put historical events in order on the grid.

The site header of states, “Your brain is like a muscle – use it or lose it.  Exercise your brain – play games, solve puzzles, learn something new once in a while! Build your brain power by doing brain curls – the fun, challenging brain building activities that you’ll find right here – every day!”

I’m looking for comments about ways you keep your mind tuned up OR areas in your life that need to be addressed cognitively. Maybe I can help you find a resource, or someone else reading this [as if there are any readers] will have a suggestion.

As for me, lately I’ve noticed that, at various times of the day,  I will come to a total standstill, frozen, just like someone yelled “Statue!” And I’ll feel my brain looking for what it was trying to decide and after a few seconds of inanimation continue on my way. But it’s very disconcerting that something as simple as opening the refrigerator has become a mini-adventure of my mind.

Because of this type of slowdown, I figure I need to get some real exercise in, with real people in a place outside of my house. How many times have I said that I’ll do such and such, but such and such never happens? So it is time [way past time] to do something different about my inertia. Suggestions welcome.


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