Time Escapes Me

It’s been over 6 weeks since my last post and the guilt of that is starting to pile up on me. It’s not even that I’ve been busy in the real sense of the word, with forward motion that accounts for something. Not for a lot of the time anyway.
In December I went with my sister to my nephew’s in Virginia, driven down by my one of my daughters. Poor Gabrielle had the difficult task of driving TWO “Miss Daisies”. We got to spend time with my three-year old grand-nephew (great-nephew?) and let me tell you, he had a lot of energy!! We went to the Marine Science Center in Virginia Beach and I was totally captivated by the overhead/tunnel aquarium section. It was almost like scuba diving again! Just awesome!! I got back in Syracuse on the night of Dec 20th. Thankfully my husband and daughter Meaghan picked out a tree and had it in the stand ready for ME to decorate. Putting lights on alone is not fun. And hanging the ornaments with all the memories they brought flooding through my mind brought me close to tears because of my aloneness! That surprised me, since I am used to my husband being extra busy during Christmas (he works at the Post Office) and my kids have all been gone for over a year. Anyway, my sister and I have decided that next year we will help each other decorate our trees and make a party of it. But now, because of its late arrival, our tree is still up. It really looks a bit magical this year; I suppose it’s because of all my emotional hoopla attached to it! Oops! I forgot to water it today….


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