Caught in my Draft Box: Cognitive Seminar with Dr. Jubelt

Last month I went to see Dr. Jubelt give a talk about cognitive issues and MS at Barbagallo’s. Whoa! There were a lot of slides and a lot of statistics, but this is what I came away with:

*It’s of huge importance to take Vitamin D every day. He said some people who have been found deficient have taken up to 50,000 units a day for a limited time under supervision.

*Also important to take Vitamin B’s every day for the health of the nerves. I think he implied that the best environment for the nerve cells to regrow myelin [if they can grow and all other things are optimal] is when the body has enough of the Vitamin B’s. Easy enough to add some good B’s, right?

* More studies are needed on cognitive issues. Yes! And hurry it up please.

*MRI machines are different strengths—1.5, 3 or 7 Tesla units.  I think he implied that he prefers the unit at Harrison Center.

*****This entry ends rather abruptly because it was left in my draft box for a few months! Dr. Jubelt’s talk was in the early fall.


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