Order Your Free Yoga DVD

Last weekend I went to a Yoga Fest with one of my daughters. I thought I was going to hear a speaker tell of the health benefits of this popular Eastern way of exercising, but instead found it was a hands-on situation. I wasn’t really dressed for yoga, but I found an empty mat, lowered myself to the floor and followed along. The breathing awareness exercises were fabulous! Then another teacher came and we progressed through a series of stretches and basic poses. Well, basic for most of the leotard-clad class; not only was I unable to bend my bionic (replacement) knee, but I couldn’t do the balance poses due to my “condition”. (MS) I spoke with the owner of the studio and he said there are ways to adapt yoga when you have certain “conditions” but to let the class teachers know in advance so they can be aware. I left the building feeling that yoga had a lot to offer those of us who are spastic, tight and in pain, but unsure as to how to make yoga truly accessible for all levels of MS.
Well, today I found that there is a yoga for MS DVD available for FREE! It appears to answer a lot of those questions that came up for me that day and includes various levels and modifications for us all.
****Go to http://www.mymsyoga.com/yoga to register and order your FREE DVD of “My MS Yoga”.******


2 thoughts on “Order Your Free Yoga DVD

    • Ericka,
      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.
      I used my yoga dvd. Once. I have a hard time doing some of it because of my knee implant. I think I need a couple of pillows or blocks to help modify some of the positions even more. Stretching is so important for us! I’m always saying, “I have to stretch more” but realize that I am really thinking about stretching more and not doing it!! There, I said it. Now it’s up to me to do it.
      Get and stay well,

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