Spending Time with Dr. Oz

I love the Dr. Oz Show. I love that this renowned doctor can come on TV and tell the world about things like bladder insufficiency, Alzheimer’s and thyroid dysfunction in an understandable way. He demonstrates how our systems work, using animations and real body parts from cadavers.
Today’s show was about Alzheimer’s. Although I don’t know anyone now with it, my (step)grandfather had it, and I know what a toll it took on everyone around him. I also have a close childhood friend whose Mom had dementia; since this friend lived in the midwest, I often took her Mom to the doctors, etc. By the time she passed away 6 months ago, her condition was devastatingly heartbreaking.
Of course, having MS is enough to make me take notice when Dr. Oz speaks about protecting your brain!! Here are a few pointers from him today: (briefly for now, to be expanded later)
1. Exercise everyday. I know it is not easy, nor is it always ‘pleasurable’. The object is to find something you can do, like to do, and then JUST DO IT.
2. Exercise your mind. Things like crossword puzzles benefit the left side of your brain, and jigsaw puzzles benefit the right side. Again, find something you like to do….
3. Eat a diet that feeds your brain. Eat leafy greens, walnuts, and berries. Use olive oil. He recommends eating one meal of Indian food once a week because curry (curcumin) is very beneficial. [I’m not sure about how to cook Indian food, but I’m going to find out how.] And he said to take vitamin B. Yes, Dr. Oz agrees with me that B-complex is what you should be taking every day!! That’s only one of the reasons why I love him!

In Syracuse his show is on at 11am. Tune in and be amazed at what you’ll learn!


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