Followup on MS Health Coaching …

Last time I wrote I mentioned Dr. Cartwright’s home study course which was to be launched on Feb 4th. The health coaching set for sale contained DVDs, CDs, binders full of what’s on the CDs, and another booklet, all designed to ‘turn your life around’. Every few days I got an e-mail about it (thanks, Patty) and was unsettled because a lot of my google searches to get more info sort of circled around into each other and dead-ended. The uneasy feeling was also compounded by the mystery of the set’s price…then a couple of days before the “launch” an email explained their reluctance to list the price: ‘we didn’t think a price was important, because a healthy life and less MS symptoms are priceless..” [my words]
Then the day before the MS Health Coaching Home Study Course was due out, an email came with the urgent message to hurry and sign up before it went on sale because they were only selling 50 sets. Fifty sets??? No one markets like that to sell 50…was I born yesterday?? You wouldn’t believe the comments posted—desperate people wanting help and not having the $397 for the course that would change their lives. (“Just think of the money you’ll MAKE when you are better..” was an actual statement from one of their emails!!)

So, to sum it up: Seems like a scam to me! Buyer beware.


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