Get Ready to Raise Your Voice about CCSVI!

ChronicCerebroSpinalVenousInsufficiency. A mouthful, even in its acronym, but a treasure of a possibility!! Could it be that you or I have some vein problems in our necks that are causing some of our MS problems? (notice I didn’t say just ‘causing MS’) From what I’ve read, the testing involves MRIs, which we are all accustomed to, and Doppler scans, which are also non-invasive. This is a VASCULAR problem and needs to be taken care of by a vascular doctor, not our neurologists. I don’t know how neurologists stand on this issue, but I would hope that none of us will be discouraged from seeking out the testing.
I’m writing this from Orlando [my plane leaves for Syracuse in a few hours] but I have been reading about CCSVI every day. What is really odd is that the mainstream media has pretty much neglected this very important finding!!  So I think that any change in the medical community of doctors and health insurers will have to come from US…there are no news agencies or drug companies going to bat for us on this.
So please, READ UP about CCSVI and get ready to contact local vascular doctors about testing. I’ll let you know what I find out, too; I’ve got a couple of ideas brewing. Please post any info you have about CCVSI. Links to follow.


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