Liberate Us From MS!!

If you need to learn more about Dr. Zamboni’s liberation procedure so that you can tell others or be excited yourselves, here’s a good link. You might have seen it already, but it is so straightforward and beautiful to watch on videos (this link should take you to the video series)


One thought on “Liberate Us From MS!!

  1. Mrs. Romano,
    I like your page. Makes me want to be a great scientist and figure things out. I worked with a guy with MS a long time ago in ra-lins electronics. He said something that stuck to me many years, “find a cure for MS”. It was the way he said it.
    I admire your dedication, although I’ve only browsed your webpage. You are very much like your daughter, or vice-versa.

    I believe that there are different kinds of souls. I’m a striving soul (i.e.) never rest when there is ground to gain in what matters to me. Maybe you are too 🙂

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