Time for Another MRI

In about an hour I will have my annual MRI. I’m going to a new place (VA)because the neurologist that took care of me for 9 years is back in town and at the VA. Since I put in my Vietnam era years (Go Navy!!!), I was able to get back with her. Security in your physician is so important! That said, I’m still trying to overcome my feeling that the VA is low quality, outdated, etc. They have one of the newer higher-Tesla MRI units….so I will see soon enough. Up til now, the contacts I’ve had with the VA have been okay. Or should I say, as okay as most other doctors I’ve had to see. Which might not be saying much….hmmm.

Last year I came out of my MRI with a clouded, sort of confused mind, like I didn’t know which direction to go to reach the door marked EXIT. That feeling is NOT to be confused with the often foggy brain. I’ve always thought it’s because I’m getting older..but no, I believe it’s the MS.

I’ll report later. I hope.


2 thoughts on “Time for Another MRI

  1. Hey honey,

    I had my MRI last friday in a new machine @ med west, and I was physically drained. That has never happened to me before so maybe it’s the strength of the magnets in the machine? Hope all went well with you today.


    • Hi Kim,
      I’m sorry that you had that experience. I would bet it was from the whole deal—magnets, sound, injection, but I don’t have any real data on that! Anyone who has MS always has a list of questions and we all make our assumptions about what is affecting us….the new machine, the weather, the stress, the medicine, the time of day…..it’s enough to make me crazy.
      Now I’m showered and in my pj’s and it’s only 7pm! Go figure.

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