Learning Something New Every Day…

In the forest of Cognitive Dysfunction where the roads of Curiosity, Self-deprecation and Nosiness meet, I stand with a question. Today’s question came to me while reading about an ‘outbreak’ of typhoid fever.  What the heck is a MAMEY?


Here’s the answer to my question of the day (so far today):

A mamey is a tropical fruit native to southern Mexico, now also appearing in the Caribbean, Latin America and South Florida. It looks like an avocado in size and shape, but its outside is brown and its inside is red. Its skin is rough or fuzzy like a peach. The fruit’s consistency is like custard and its taste has been described as a combination of  honey, pumpkin, chocolate and almonds.  (now that all sounds yummy to me!)  In Cuba, it is used as a gastro-intestinal remedy; some say it’s an aphrodisiac, too.

Well, now that I know what a mamey is,  I’ve decided that if I run into one, I will eat it. It will be delicious AND good for me. I can hardly wait.


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