First CCSVI Treatment Sceduled!!!

Just got the call for my appointment for a venogram and venoplasty at Dr. Mehta’s!!!  It’s in less than two weeks! Whoo Hoo!!

I’m looking forward to seeing which of my MS symptoms will improve!  Hoping for: less pain, fatigue and brain fog, and better balance, gait and endurance.  I know that’s a lot to hope for, but that is what’s on my heart.    Oh, and how could I forget? Less double vision too.

Sharing all of this isn’t as easy as it might seem. I’d rather keep all my symptoms to myself. Unless you’re a police officer giving me a ticket. Or a vendor at the market when I’m lamenting the end of summer’s bounty.  You know, strangers. But I think it’s mandatory to share what I’m going through because this CCSVI is such a new theory in the MS world.  And that makes me a pioneer patient in a movement across the land!!  I probably won’t be wearing a sunbonnet or using a quill to write this in the back of a covered wagon, but still.


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