Pausing on the Brink of a Miracle

My first grandchild will be born soon. Here at the birth center I wait…while God’s tiny miracle gathers her strength before her entrance into this crazy world. I fell asleep on the couch in a lounge area, and though we are the only ones here right now, I couldn’t sleep very long.  I find it impossible to sleep in the same room with Lorna Doone. (She’s up on the counter right now, alongside Fig Newton. Not that I care about him; he never brought me any childhood comfort like sweet old Lorna .)

So, I’m left in the semi-darkness of this eerily quiet hospital wing to think about the large issues….how God looks down from his heavens and watches over me, how He cherishes me for no other reason than He created me!  How He supplies me with everything I need and some of what I want.  How He has sent people into my life to bring me love and laughter packaged as family and friends and occasionally strangers.  I think about the times He sent me my very own miracles–two born in this very place!

One of my grown miracles rests on the loveseat opposite me. Watching her sleep brings me a sense of heartache for the swift passage of time, yet here I am lamenting time’s dragging as I wait for the families’ newest  miracle to arrive.  I’m thankful that God’s watchcare transcends time and circumstances. That alone leaves me feeling more comforted than a truckful of Lorna Doones .


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