Things I’m Working On:

Letters to my doctors regarding  CCSVI.

Finding a new primary care physician.  [Desperately seeking…]

My backlog of ideas for writing.

My backlog of posts for this blog.

Ridding my life of unhealthy food.  First up: GMO corn products.

Adding better food: #1 on list: organic chicken and beef. [Find local supplier.]

Ridding my house of unused items.  One bag/4 styrofoam mini coolers in the car, ready for Thrifty Shopper.

Absorbing new info on various topics. Endless list, as usual.

Getting to bed before 11:30pm so I can get out of bed by 8am. [it’s 11:49pm now, so this one needs attention]

Projects scattered on my ‘studio’ table.

Nagging Unfinished Tasks [NUTS].


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