CCSVI: Update

I’m still feeling less fatigued! I was shopping with one of my girls yesterday (with my new granddaughter too!) and I was told that I was walking too fast. I’m noticing that at times the extra energy spurs my body forward faster than it has moved in a long time. It’s a nice feeling; doubly rewarding because I haven’t been all-out collapsing after an outing.  This is not to say that I don’t get tired…but it feels more normal, like a tired that I’ve earned by being busy. Vinny says that I’m improved by 30% overall, and I have to say, I appreciate his input.

I’m looking forward to seeing Dr. Mehta’s in Albany on Friday the 12th for my 2nd intervention. I’m also hoping to make it to the big symposium 2 days before that, also in Albany, at a place called the Egg. It’s called the Vascular Roundtable, and the speakers include a neurologist and some famous CCSVI names like Dr. Dake and Dr. Haacke. Whooee! An historic occasion to be sure!

I can’t say everything is going well though. I had some abnormal blood test results this week and the concerns they raise require me to see an endocrinologist (Tuesday). [None of this has anything to do with CCSVI or MS.] I had a major pity party for two days, wailing that familiar tune, “Why Me, O God, Why Me?” It took me awhile to hear the refrain sounding back at me…”My Grace is Sufficient For You.”


One thought on “CCSVI: Update

  1. You ar ean encouragement to everyone who has any physical trouble.
    Lifting beyond circumstance and showing others enables us all to see that
    we are more and that God is Greater.

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