CCSVI: My Three Month Checkup

It’s been three months since my “Liberation Treatment” and today was my Doppler sono and consultation with Dr. Mehta in Albany, NY.  The sonogram showed much improved blood flow in the internal jugular veins since my baseline study last August (before treatment).  Dr. Mehta said that there is no indication of reflux or restenosis!  This good news is tempered with the fact that one section of my left IJ is still 100% occluded–something we found out in November during the venogram.  But the blood is flowing through collateral veins which have taken it upon themselves to reroute the flow around the blockage, so IT’S ALL GOOD!  [Remember that these kind of blockages are not from cholesterol or fatty deposits like you might have in arteries, but are from webbings or scar tissue—reasons unknown.] This “dead area” might have to be stented or perhaps bypassed (surgery) at a later time IF my old symptoms (like balance issues, etc) return.

I had a walking test today, too; my score (walking speed) improved by 25%.  I filled out another Quality of Life Survey with a million questions about symptoms, emotions, and even sexual health, pre and post treatments. I was encouraged by the nurse practitioner to see a physical therapist for conditioning and muscle strengthening, and just so happen to have my appointment with the very talented therapist Dana Greene of Summit PT next week.  I will go back for another check-up in three months.

My plan for the next phase of healing is manifold and really sounds like New Year’s resolutions:

  1. Eat well–clean food, avoid preservatives, make nutritionally solid choices, local and organic when possible
  2. Take supplements and etc–fish oil, Vit D, B-complex, L-arginine,  an aspirin a day
  3. Lose a bit of weight/move more!
  4. Be gentler to myself and others.

All in all, it was a very good day.


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