Random musings before the real entries start again…

The problem with writing, say, an article, is that one has to sit down and actually write. Or type, if that’s the appropriate word for using a computer keyboard. There is a certain amount of preparation that has to come before this writing–thoughts to think, discussions to discuss, insights to gather. But something else happens when I sit down to create a piece with an imposed DEADLINE. My brain freezes and goes totally blank. Apparently there is not one smidgen of interesting talk that I can conjure up when faced with that limit of time, although to be honest, nothing at all might be written without the deadline. That is just the kind of procrastinating dreamer that I am. So, now that all the precursors have been done and the random chores have been performed, perhaps I can settle down with some thoughts? But first, I need to ask the question that comes into my mind quite often: Can all of the advance work be called writing? (I need to know this because if someone phones and asks, “What’re you doing?” I’d like to be able to honestly say, “I’m writing.” even if I’m nowhere near my keyboard.)


2 thoughts on “Random musings before the real entries start again…

    • I see Dr. Manish Mehta in Albany, NY. I don’t have his number with me right now but he’s out of The Vascular Pavilion in Albany.

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