Making better choices: Food

Last week’s trip to the grocery store was near-traumatic. My nervous system’s current sensitive state couldn’t handle the choices available in my land of plenty—aka Wegman’s.  One of the biggest quandaries—which produce will be least poisonous to me and my family?  Maybe you’ve seen the “Dirty/Clean Produce List” before, but I’m posting it here to encourage better choices and to prevent others from suffering a debilitating immobility  in the produce department.

Remember that the dirtiest veggies are contaminated with pesticides and other chemicals that can’t be washed away.  To cut down on your consumption of these, choose organic.  I’ve noticed that some organic veggies are only a tiny bit more than their non-organic counterparts and, to me,  it’s worth the extra cents to buy those that are on the “dirty” list. [This is not to say that I like paying more, nor do I enjoy finding my three favorite fruits on the dirty list.]

When you go to your local farmer’s market, you can still use this guide.  I try to buy from real farmers and not just food vendors, and I often ask  if this or that has been sprayed. A vendor might lie to me and say no, but some do admit to pesticide spraying if I say I have chemical sensitivities. Some look at me like I’m an idiot for not understanding the importance of fungicides or like I’m trying to steal their secret recipe.  Their answers help me with my choices, and of course, it also helps me to fulfill my quota of embarrassing the person who’s with me.


  1.  Apples
  2.  Celery
  3.  Strawberries
  4.  Peaches
  5.  Spinach
  6.  Nectarines (imported)
  7.  Grapes (imported)
  8.  Sweet bell peppers
  9.  Potatoes
  10.  Blueberries (domestic)
  11.  Lettuce
  12.  Kale/collard greens


  1.  Onions
  2.  Sweet Corn (buy non-GMO)
  3.  Pineapples
  4.  Avocado
  5.  Asparagus
  6.  Sweet peas
  7.  Mangoes
  8.  Eggplant
  9.  Cantaloupe (domestic) (lately this is a problem with listeria contamination)
  10.  Kiwi
  11.  Cabbage
  12.  Watermelon
  13.  Sweet potatoes
  14.  Grapefruit
  15.  Mushrooms

One thought on “Making better choices: Food

  1. Hi Donna I have found you here via FB. I will keep visiting your blog, it looks really interesting.

    I am on here too and we have the same template! I have started to try my hand at poetry since my diagnosis this year and find it really therapeutic It’s nothing fancy, just being myself really, don’t think it will be my claim to fame though but that’s not what it’s about. I am enjoying it and making new friends which is good. Feel free to visit!


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