Happy 14th Anniversary to MY MS

Happy 14th anniversary, contemptible MS of mine.

Let’s celebrate! I’m making you a delicious cake for our special occasion. I’m lacing it with your favorite flavors–the robust poisons of broken dreams and exhausted days. I’ll frost it with that color you love—the gray sludge of brain fog–and I’ll decorate it with your very special symbol–the black rose of slow decay. You will love it!  Eat heartily and enjoy every last crumb, my slimy parasite, because this will be the last time I GIVE you something from me.


5 thoughts on “Happy 14th Anniversary to MY MS

  1. Vented anger is so good sometimes. I love this! I wish I had written it! If I had it would go in my poetry booklet I hope to produce by Xmas! If it comes to fruition you are top of my list for a xmas gift! :):)

    Christine xx

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