Appointment with my CCSVI doctor in five days!

It’s been about eight months since I’ve made the trip down the road to see the doctor who performed my CCSVI treatment. Next week, I’ll drive to Albany and get a doppler scan of my neck and talk to him about the results. I will be surprised if all is status quo, (because I have been in a not-so-good place for a few months), and I am really hoping for some positive news about vein grafting.

A lot has changed in the CCSVI world since I saw him last, and it has gotten hard for me to keep up with everything.  I also have a lot to tell him about my latest blood tests and will be peppering him with my prepared list of questions. (When the doctor visit is out-of-town it’s even more necessary to focus and make a list!)  God bless Dr. Mehta for putting up with my many, many questions in the past; he will see that I haven’t changed in that area at least.

One of the things I will tell him is that Teva, the company that makes Copaxone, contacted me to get his name and number so they could contact him about my CCSVI treatment.  What is wrong with that???? I can’t even begin. I was on that daily injection for ten years and I stopped it 2 1/2 years ago. When I contacted them to stop calling and sending me drug info, they asked me why I stopped and I happened to mention my treatment. Well, it’s the truth and since I’m not really into all that social filtering stuff, I said it. Someone has to, so why not me?